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Cocaine is a narcotic that is acquired from the leaves of the coca plant, stimulates the nervous system and provides the user with a feeling of euphoria. It is a dangerous substance if abused and is outlawed in many countries including the United States.

Being arrested and charged with a drug crime in Nevada is a serious offense that can have serious consequences ranging from huge fines to several years in jail. If a person is facing a drug charge, it is vital that he or she contacts an experienced Nevada drug attorney to go over their available legal options.

If you have been charged with a narcotic-related drug offense and need an expert criminal defense attorney, contact us online or call the attorneys at Diaz & Galt toll free at 877.324.6443 today!

Arrested and Charged with Illegal Drug Possession?

If you are arrested with an illegal drugs charge, there are two ways that the courts will attempt to prosecute your case:

While possession of cocaine in itself is illegal, distribution of or the trafficking of cocaine is just as illegal. Often times, however, a first time offender may be released if they have no previous criminal record, or they may receive lesser charges.

If the Cops Want to Question You, You Need to Talk to Us

The police and prosecutors will attempt to convince you that they are only there to help and do anything they can to squeeze information from you. The ugly truth is that their only intention is to get the evidence they need to convict you. Don't give it to them!

Contact us immediately and let us take care of the situation for you. We know what your rights are and we will aggressively fight to see that they are protected.

We Fight for Your Future

At Diaz & Galt law offices, our only goal is to beat the charges laid against you by the prosecution through either a dismissal or an acquittal at trial. When our firm takes on a case we provide a thorough case evaluation and our best recommendations about how to proceed. Our law firm takes a hard line, results oriented approach to every case, and we don't back down until we are content that we have the best available result for your case.

If you are facing a possession of cocaine charge or possession with the intent to sell; be sure to call a drug attorney who will aggressively represent you in a court of law.

Nevada Drug Lawyers with a Successful Track Record

Cocaine is an illegal and dangerous Schedule II drug and possession laws in Nevada are very stringent. It is best never to be in the business of distribution of cocaine or even be in the possession of cocaine at all. However, if you are ever charged, our defense lawyers can often provide you with a strong defense and save you from jail time and a stain on your permanent record.

If you need to fight a drug charge, contact us online or call the Law Offices of Diaz & Galt toll free at 877.324.6443 and let us put our experience to work for you.

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