Nevada Defense for Solicitation of Prostitution Lawyers

An arrest for solicitation of prostitution is not the same as a conviction. You can defend yourself in court with the aid of a lawyer. Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law is ready to take your case. We can investigate the state’s case and evidence, and mount a strong legal defense aimed at getting you an acquittal or a reduction in charge to lesser offenses. If you have been arrested for solicitation of prostitution, act now. Call Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law today. We can give you a free, no-obligation legal consultation. Our number is or you can contact us online.

Nevada Entrapment Defense

Sometimes, police officers unfairly entice people into criminal activity that you would not otherwise have participated in. This is known as entrapment. If your lawyer can demonstrate that you were the victim of entrapment, as often occurs during prostitution stings, the state should dismiss the case.

Entrapment is known as an affirmative defense. An affirmative defense is a defense where you and your lawyer bear the initial burden of presenting evidence to back up your defense.

This means that your lawyer will have to demonstrate that the undercover officer was the party who initiated the conversation and suggested that you solicit prostitution. If your lawyer is successful in this, the burden shifts to the state, who must show that you were predisposed to solicit prostitution anyway.

To achieve this, the state will introduce evidence of past behavior, including any prior convictions for solicitation of prostitution. However, if you have no history of that or similar crimes, your charges have a good chance of being dismissed.

In Nevada, the laws require that criminal solicitation be “overt”. That is, your request must be unambiguous and clear. If your request could be construed as unclear or joking, your charges may be dismissed.

The job of your criminal defense lawyer is to attack the state’s case in every possible way. Strategies and defenses employed will depend on the specific circumstances of your case and arrest. There are many good defenses intended to attack the state’s evidence. Your guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and a legal defense is designed to cast doubt on the state’s case and evidence.

Solicitation of Prostitution Defense You Need

People are often unfairly arrested in prostitution stings. Police officers are not legally allowed to entrap people into solicitation, but it often happens. If you have been arrested, Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law can help you. Our goal is to get your charges reduced or dismissed, and we have a strong track record of success. To get a free case evaluation from Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law, call us today at or contact us online.

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