Drug Trafficking

Trafficking in Controlled Substances in Reno & Las Vegas, Nevada

Drug trafficking is the sale, delivery, manufacture, or, possession of illegal drugs over a specified quantity. There are often severe penalties for drug trafficking offenses. Minimum offenses can range from three years to life in prison, depending upon the quantity and type of drug.

Trafficking charges can also negatively impact your employment opportunities and future ability to receive a loan. Due to the severity of this crime, it is extremely important to consult an attorney knowledgeable in the transportation of controlled substance cases as soon as possible after a being arrested.

The experienced drug crimes attorneys at the Diaz & Galt law offices have a successful track record of getting narcotics trafficking offenses dismissed or reduced to less serious charges, sometimes without any prison time. If you have been charged with drug trafficking or the transportation of a controlled substance, then you need an aggressive defense attorney now. Contact us online or call 877-324-6443 toll free today for a free consultation.

Definition of Trafficking in Controlled Substances in Nevada

The legal definition of "trafficking in controlled substances" in Nevada, is when someone knowingly sells, manufactures, delivers or brings into this State or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of large quantities of schedule I or II drugs.

Trafficking is a very broad crime that applies to instances where large amounts of drugs are involved and the suspect allegedly engaged in any of the following behaviors:

The government's drug enforcement efforts to eradicate drug trafficking often include traffic stops. Generally, a driver is initially stopped for a minor traffic offense. Sometimes, this action quickly turns into a full search of the vehicle. The experienced drug transportation defense attorneys at our law firm will explore all aspects of your case, addressing questions such as:

  • Did probable cause for the stop exist?
  • Was the stop legitimate?
  • Was criminal profiling involved?
  • Did law enforcement inform you of your rights?

If law enforcement officers abuse your rights in any way, our attorneys will hold them accountable and make them answer in open court. We prepare each case as though it will proceed to trial, but use our seasoned negotiation skills to resolve the matter outside the courtroom if possible. It is important to note that your firm believes in negotiating from a position of strength. The case should be settled on our terms, not the prosecutions.

Use Our Experience to Your Advantage

A conviction for drug trafficking can have lifelong ramifications. For a smart and assertive defense, call the criminal attorneys at Diaz & Galt. You can contact us online or call us toll free at 877-324-6443 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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