Nevada DUI FAQ

Frequently Asked DUI Questions

I was arrested while driving under the influence. Should I plead guilty to minimize the consequences?

-NO. This is when having experienced, aggressive legal representation can help most. Charges can often be minimized or dropped altogether, or the consequences can be greatly reduced, if you allow your attorney to handle the situation before you plead guilty.

Is there a way to save my driver's license?

-YES, in many cases. There are many factors and details of the revocation process that can be challenged. Having an experienced attorney representing you can mean the difference between losing or keeping your license.

Is there a way to challenge the results of the breath test or the alcohol blood level test?

-YES. A knowledgeable attorney knows how to identify and focus on any potential problems with the tests, giving you the best chance to fight the charge.

Will I have to take alcohol/drug abuse classes?

-YES. The standard is 8 hours of "DUI school." The higher your blood alcohol content, the more hours you will have to attend. You will also be required to attend a Victim Impact Panel. If you have a higher blood alcohol level, you may also be required to obtain an alcohol and drug abuse evaluation and/or additional counseling.

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