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2nd DUI offense in Reno & Las Vegas

A second-offense or repeat DUI conviction in Nevada could mean mandatory jail time, automatic one year license suspension, and large fines. A conviction can carry even more serious consequences if you are subsequently charged with a third DUI. That is why it is so important to have a DUI defense attorney who can work to have the repeat offense reduced or dismissed.

Negotiating on Behalf of Clients

At the Las Vegas and Reno law firm of , we strive to help clients avoid convictions for second-offense and repeat DUI. Our lawyers have been defending clients against DUI charges for over 20 years and understand how to analyze the charges and evidence in order to develop a strong defense. If we cannot get your case entirely dismissed, we strive to negotiate both charges and penalties to the maximum extent to help clients protect their liberty, driving privileges, and future.

Our lawyers seek reductions in charges or penalties such as these:

  • Reduced penalties, such as house arrest rather than the mandatory 10 day jail sentence
  • Reduced charges because of extenuating circumstances
  • Charges reduced to reckless or careless driving

By developing strong professional relationships with prosecutors throughout the state of Nevada over many years, we are often able to propose reductions of penalties or charges based upon mitigating circumstances. They know that our suggested alternatives are based the letter of the law, honesty, real evidence, and the specific circumstances of each individual case.

Prepared for Trial in Second DUI Cases

Prosecutors throughout the state of Nevada know that we are always prepared to go to court on behalf of our clients. We are smart and strong court room litigators and are often able to persuade them to negotiate before the case ever even goes to trial. We know that they have no wish to proceed to trial and are therefore willing to arrive at a mutually agreeable compromise. In short, we negotiate from a position of strength on behalf of our clients.

Contact an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are a repeat DUI offender, it is important to have an experienced defense attorney at your side to minimize the long term consequences. Contact an experienced Nevada DUI defense attorney. Call , toll-free at 877.324.6443.

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