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At the Nevada law firm of , we have a simple approach to DUI defense: we strive for not-guilty verdicts or getting your case dismissed entirely.

We have been defending clients charged with DUI for more than 20 years. Many of our out of state DUI clients rely on us to represent them. Our lawyers have extensive courtroom experience and an in-depth understanding of the issues involved in a successful defense.

Serious Lawyers Helping You Face Serious Charges

At the Reno and Las Vegas firm of , we know that people charged with driving under the influence face a difficult challenge. When you choose our lawyers to defend you against a DUI charge, you can be confident that we will take your case very seriously. We understand that the stakes are high and that your future and your reputation are on the line.


We have successfully defended clients who have felony DUI. We have represented people charged with DUI because of a metabolic disorder that prevents them from metabolizing alcohol. We have helped people who were charged with driving on revoked licenses after DUI convictions because of unavoidable reasons to drive, such as family emergencies. We have also defended numerous underage DUI clients under Nevada's zero tolerance law.

First-time DUI

DUI charges are foreign to many of our clients. They may be going through something challenging in their lives or needed to drive unexpectedly after consuming alcohol. And it's easy to get charged with DUI: you can be arrested if your driving or behavior suggests to a police officer that you are drunk or under the influence of drugs or another controlled substance. Moreover, you must be charged with driving under the influence if your blood alcohol content is .08 or higher, even if your driving is unimpaired.

Contact an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer

Learn how you may be able to minimize the consequences of a driving under the influence charge. Contact a Nevada DUI defense attorney. Call , now, toll-free, at 877.324.6443.

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