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Felony DUI cases in Nevada are challenging. To succeed, a defense lawyer needs to draw on extensive experience and an ability to analyze the charges, the evidence, and the prosecution's case. It is important that the lawyer be experienced in arguing before a jury. At the Nevada law firm of , we defend clients against felony DUI charges. Our goal, as with each DUI case, is to have the charges reduced or dismissed. If you are facing felony DUI charges in Nevada, call today at 877.324.6443, or contact us online.

Consequences of a Felony DUI Conviction

If you are convicted of three DUIs within seven years, the third conviction is a felony. Felonies carry significant penalties:

  • One to six years in state prison
  • Large fines
  • Loss of drivers license for three years
  • Ignition lock device in your car after release from prison
  • Civil penalties from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

In addition, your felony conviction can stay with you for life, limiting your ability to hold certain jobs, security clearances, receive financial aid, or join certain organizations. In addition, a felony DUI conviction can severely impact your professional and personal relationships. A skilled DUI lawyer may be able to help you obtain a restricted driver's license even if you are convicted of felony DUI. However, it is important to have an experienced attorney start exploring this option immediately after the incident. Waiting to contact a lawyer can only harm your case.

DUI Accident Causing Death or Significant Bodily Harm

If you are charged with causing an accident that results in death or bodily harm while driving under the influence, you are automatically charged with felony DUI, even if it is a first offense. In a case like this, it is absolutely imperative to have experienced DUI lawyers representing you immediately. You could be looking at two to twenty years in prison and fines between two and five thousand dollars.

Contact a Felony DUI Defense Attorney

If you are facing a felony DUI charge, it is critical to have an experienced trial lawyer at your side from the beginning. Contact a Nevada DUI defense attorney. Call , LLC, toll-free at 877.324.6443 or contact us online.

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