How to Fight Prostitution Charges in Nevada

Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada Prostitution Defense Lawyers

In Nevada, prostitution is legal in certain counties. However, there are many cities within the state, especially the larger cities such as Reno and Las Vegas, where it is illegal. If you are arrested and charged with prostitution, there are several ways the criminal defense lawyers at Diaz & Galt can help you fight these charges.

The three most common defenses against prostitution laws in Nevada are:

  • Entrapment
  • Insufficient Evidence
  • Mistakes

Police Prostitution Stings vs. Entrapment

In cities such as Las Vegas and Reno, law enforcement officials often carry out undercover sting operations in popular casinos and strip clubs to catch those who offer sexual services for money. Many times a male officer will pose as a customer, and if approached with the offer of sex in exchange for compensation the undercover police officer will reveal themselves as law enforcement and arrest the perpetrator.

Entrapment is when one is unfairly cajoled into committing an illegal act by a police officer when they otherwise wouldn't have. There are strict entrapment laws, and for this reason it can be used as a strong defense against charges of prostitution. There are some who believe that police these sting operations should be considered entrapment and be outlawed under entrapment laws.

However, these sting operations are deemed perfectly legal and it is on the accused to prove that entrapment actually occurred. Once the defendant has proved that the police officer initiated the conversation and enticed the defendant into the act, the prosecutions side will look into the suspected offender's history for evidence of similar charges in the past. If nothing is found, the charges may then be dropped or reduced.

If you have been charged with prostitution in Nevada, call Diaz & Galt toll free at 877-324-6443 or contact us online for professional help from qualified criminal defense attorneys who have a successful record defending clients charged with solicitation or prostitution.

Insufficient Evidence

When fighting these charges, one of the strongest defenses is to maintain that the prosecution has insufficient evidence to convict the defendant. In cases involving undercover police operations, the prosecution is often required to "prove beyond reasonable doubt" that you were breaking the Nevada prostitution laws. If there are no witnesses in the case, and only the police report with the charges, the court will be unwilling to convict the defendant.

The Mistake Defense

The mistake defense can be used if the defendant never intended to perform any sexual favors or trade sex for money or another form of compensation. For example, if one hired an escort and had intended to only use the escort as a date, but the escort began performing sexual favors on him/her, then that person cannot be charged with prostitution.

Fight Nevada Prostitution Charges

Through the three methods listed above, we can create a strong defense against prostitution charges in Nevada. Contact us online for a free consultation about the charges you face or you can reach by phone at 877-324-6443 toll free at any time. We will be more than happy to provide you with an honest evaluation of your case and how we can help.

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