Hallucinogenic Drug Charges

Possession of LSD and other hallucinogens in Reno & Las Vegas, Nevada

Each year, thousands of United States citizens are charged with the possession of illegal drugs. If you are convicted of possession of Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD or caught with another kind of illegal drug, you quickly realize that drug laws are tough, and many times judges and prosecutors don't take the time to closely listen to your side of the story.

For this reason, you should consult a drug possession lawyer immediate who will:

  • fight for you and tell the whole story to the judge and prosecutors.
  • investigate and tell the court about the facts around your arrest, not just the fact you were arrested.
  • let them know who you are as a person.

If you have a charge for possession of hallucinogenic drugs, then you need an attorney now. Call the criminal defense attorneys at Diaz & Galt toll free at 877-324-6443 for a free consultation today.

Possession of Hallucinogenic Drug Penalties

Just because you have been charged with possession of hallucinogenic does not mean that the law cannot be on your side. Police officers have conducted illegal arrests or unconstitutional searches on more cases than you think. Situations like these sometimes lead to the case against you being compromised or dropped entirely. If you have a substance abuse issue which led to your arrest then a law firm may be able to coordinate your rehab with the best possible court resolution.

Most hallucinogenic drug and LSD arrest charges deal with the following drugs:

  • Mescaline - comes from the cactus plant, peyote. The heads or buttons of the cactus are chewed, ground up, or soaked before being eaten.
  • LSD - manufactured from ergot, a fungus that grows on rye. LSD is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Also called Acid, Blotter, Cid, Doses, Microdot, or Trips
  • Ecstasy - synthetic, psychoactive drug that is chemically similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline.
  • PCP - causes an intense, sped-up feeling. May be a white, tan, or brown powder or a gummy blob.

Our drug possession law firm has highly trained attorneys that help you get the legal help you need in order to get your life back on track. By calling our offices toll free at 877-324-644 today, you can take the first step in protecting yourself from a possession of hallucinogenic drug charge. The initial consultation is free.

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