Nevada Medical Marijuana Defense Lawyer

Are you a medical marijuana patient? Are you a Nevada resident in Reno, Tahoe, or Las Vegas? Are you facing charges for using medical marijuana? If so, Diaz and Galt law are willing to fight on your side. You're not someone looking for an easy or quick high-you're a patient or caregiver who possesses the drug legally.

The Law Process

  • You are arrested and charged by the prosecution for a marijuana offense
  • You are arraigned and plead guilty or not guilty, depending on your situation
  • You eventually go to trial

Somewhere along the way you'll realize that you're going to need legal representation. You will need criminal defense attorneys who know Nevada's medical marijuana laws. Diaz and Galt know Nevada law and will help you when you need them to.

Nevada Law

Nevada is one of only sixteen states in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana. Question 9 is a Nevada state constitutional ballot initiative that sought to invalidate the Food and Drug Administration's regulations governing the use of new medicines as safe and effective. Question 9 essentially sought define Nevada's regulation and definition of the legality of medical marijuana.

Nevada state law currently regulates medical marijuana and its patients in the following ways:

  • Defines "registration cards" as a document issued by the Division that signifies that a person is exempt from prosecution for engaging in or medically administering the use of medical cannabis
  • Defines "usable marijuana" as the seeds of the plant of the genus Cannabis and also its "dried leaves and flowers" "and any mixture or preparation thereof"
  • Defines "written documentation" either copies of relevant medical records or a statement signed by the attending physician that has been diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating medical condition (i.e. a condition that necessitates the prescription of medical marijuana)

Knowing Your Rights

In Nevada, a patient with documents and a primary caregiver are legally allowed to possess up to "1 oz. of processed bud, 3 mature plants, and 4 immature plants." To possess more than that, you must prove that it is "medically necessary as determined by the patient's attending physician." Patients are allowed one caregiver who can possess and administer the drug and are prohibited from smoking the drug in public, and cannot drive or operate physical control of a vehicle while high. Diaz and Galt Law are in the Reno, Tahoe, and Las Vegas areas and will help you if your medical marijuana rights are infringed upon.

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