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Marijuana Arrests & Cannibis Laws in Las Vegas & Reno

Las Vegas may have a reputation for hedonism, but marijuana is illegal at the state and national level. Clark County and other counties of Nevada impose many punishments for possession of marijuana.

While Nevada penalizes possession of marijuana less seriously than possession of other drugs, you may still face stiff penalties if convicted. If you have been charged with possession of marijuana, it is vital to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your constitutional rights.

At , our lawyers have over 20 years of experience litigating in the criminal justice system. Our experienced possession of marijuana lawyers will fight for you at every phase of the legal process, from initial motions to the trial. If you live anywhere in Nevada and have been charged with possession of marijuana, call 877.324.6443 today for a free consultation.

Charge of Possession of Marijuana

Minors convicted of possession of marijuana face severe penalties. If you are under 21, possession of marijuana is a felony that carries 1-4 years in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. These penalties should not be taken lightly, and it is vital to have an attorney representing you in court.

For adults, the penalties are less severe. First and second offenses are misdemeanors, like traffic tickets, and carry fines from $600 to $1,000. Third offenses can carry up to a year in prison, and fourth (and subsequent) offenses are felonies. Nevada has a first offender program that allows people without prior convictions to go on probation instead of jail.

Possession for the Purpose of Sale

If you are arrested with a large quantity of marijuana, you may face charges of possession for the purpose of sale. You can also be charged with this crime if you are arrested in an area where many drug deals happen, if you possess many evenly measured bags or containers of marijuana, or even if you are arrested with a gun. A first offense is classed as a Category D felony, with one to four years of time in prison. Subsequent convictions have even harsher penalties.

Selling, Cultivating, or Transporting Marijuana

Growing your own marijuana is a crime in Nevada. Selling, cultivating, or transporting it is a Class B felony. If you are convicted of a Class B felony, you face one to six years in prison and an optional fine of $20,000. This is for a first offense - second or third offenses have much greater penalties. If you are arrested with over 100 pounds of marijuana, you may face charges under Nevada's much harsher drug trafficking laws.

Medical Marijuana

Nevada recognizes medical marijuana. Qualified patients are permitted to possess and consume specified amounts of marijuana without the danger of facing a marijuana possession charge. If you are a medical marijuana patient and have been charge with possession or trafficking, a lawyer may be able to get the charges dismissed.

Defend Your Rights

Possession of marijuana is a crime, and it should be taken seriously. If you have been charged, you need a marijuana possession lawyer. Experienced lawyers at Galt & Diaz are standing by to represent you. Call 877.324.6443 for a free consultation. We represent clients from anywhere in Nevada and maintain offices in Las Vegas and Reno.

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