Prescription Drug Crimes

Nevada Prescription Drug Abuse Attorneys Serving Reno & Las Vegas

Illegally obtaining, using or distributing prescription drugs or over the counter medication carries serious criminal charges in many states. After a blood test or urine test, you may be convicted, and the consequences for a conviction on a drug crime are long-lasting and often include jail time and large fines. A conviction can also impact your ability to get a job, qualify for a loan, obtain a place of residence or keep a professional license.

The prescription drug attorneys at Diaz & Galt can defend you if you have been charged with the illegal use or distribution of prescription drugs. Our attorneys realize that just because you have been charged with a drug crime does not mean that you are guilty of one. We will look closely at the circumstances of your arrest and work hard to provide an effective defense for your misdemeanor or felony drug charges.

If you have been charged with illegal possession or use of prescription drugs or narcotics then you need an attorney now. Call the attorneys Diaz & Galt 877-324-6443 today for a free consultation.

Prescription Drug Charge Defense

The attorneys at Diaz & Galt, Attorneys at Law, have been defending people in Nevada for over 20 years representing individuals charged with drug crimes in Nevada. We are well versed in Nevada laws and can handle drug cases involving:

  • Forged prescriptions
  • Fraudulently fulfilling a prescription
  • Possession of drugs without a prescription
  • Transporting prescription drugs across state lines
  • Delivering prescription drugs to a minor illegally

These charges increase in severity depending on the type of controlled substance and the amount involved. Given the severe sentencing guidelines and the significance of the charges, it is important to seek legal counseling soon as possible after an arrest.

Drug Crime Lawyers Serving Las Vegas & Reno, Nevada

If you have been charged with illegal possession of drugs in Nevada, the attorneys at Diaz & Galt are here to help. Contact us online or by telephone at 877-324-6443 to speak with an experienced Nevada drug crime lawyers.

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