Prostitution Arrests in Nevada

Solicitation Arrests in Las Vegas or Reno Hotel or Casino

Prostitution, or the act of offering sexual services in return for some form of payment, is illegal in 49 of 50 states in the USA. Nevada is the only state that allows prostitution within its borders. Nevertheless, there are strict prostitution laws in Nevada that make the act illegal in most other areas.

Nevada Prostitution Laws and the Police

In Nevada, the state law allows for any county that has a population of less than 400,000 people to have a brothel. Individual cities that are in these counties then have the option to allow these brothels or outlaw them. Other cities like Reno and Las Vegas, where there are huge populations, have stringent laws outlawing prostitution.

In these cities, the police work hard to prosecute those that solicit or offer sexual favors for compensation. Often times, law enforcement officials carry out undercover sting operations to enforce the city's sex trade laws. These operations are usually carried out at popular hotels, casinos, as well as strip clubs and gentleman's clubs as well.

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Types of Prostitution Sting Operations

There are typically two types of sting operations carried out by Nevada officials. In one scenario, a male officer acts as a customer and if they are approached with an offer for sex in exchange for compensation, they reveal themselves as law enforcement and apprehend the suspect.

In the second type of operation, a female police officer poses as a prostitute and if she is approached by anyone and solicited to perform sexual acts in exchange for payment, she reveals herself as law enforcement and arrests the perpetrator.

Police Stings and Entrapment

While these sting operations lead to many arrests and are considered by some to be effective, others question whether or not they are in violation of the entrapment laws in Nevada.

Entrapment is when one is unfairly coaxed into committing an illegal act by a police official when they otherwise would not have. If the police officer initiates the conversation or mentions sexual favors in exchange for money or other form of payment in a way that entices the suspect into offering to perform the illegal act, then it falls under entrapment and the suspect can not be prosecuted.

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