Nevada Underage DUI

Teenage Driving Under the Influence in Reno & Las Vegas

Nevada has a zero tolerance law for underage drinking. In essence, the law states that because a person under 21 cannot drink alcohol legally, he or she cannot be driving a motor vehicle with any detectable alcohol in the body — even if there is no evidence that he or she was impaired or drunk.

Experience and Knowledge Set us Apart

Building a strong defense against underage drinking charges is a challenge. It's important to have an attorney with experience and knowledge if you or your son or daughter has been charged with underage drinking. At the Las Vegas and Reno law firm of , our lawyers have been defending clients against DUI charges for many years. We know how to analyze underage drinking cases and identify issues that may help minimize the penalties.

How We Can Help

We focus on developing proposals for alternative penalties for clients who face charges of underage DUI. We work to have clients sentenced to community service instead of jail. We know that judges often make examples of underage drinkers to deter others; they are seldom inclined to be lenient. If there are mitigating circumstances, such as a graduation party or medical issues, we make sure that they are properly described.

Are You a Student?

Many of our clients in these matters are students at local colleges and universities or their parents. We offer special rates for students, many of whom are under 21 but, like many college students, drink anyway. Our lawyers are not judgmental; rather, they focus on building strong cases for clients of any age.

Are You a Minor? Don't Ignore an Underage DUI

It is important to take charges of underage DUI very seriously. You may be unable to obtain certain types of financial aid and may even be asked to withdraw from school. You may become ineligible to work in law enforcement and other careers. This charge can follow you for many years and significantly affect your future.

Call an Experienced Lawyer

Don't take chances. Contact an experienced lawyer if you or a child has been charged with underage DUI. Call , at toll-free at 877.324.6443. We can help.

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