Nevada DUI Traffic Stops

Unlawful Traffic Stops in Reno & Las Vegas

Investigating Nevada Traffic Stops

One way to challenge a drunk driving charge is to determine whether the traffic stop was legal. People have constitutional rights, and an unlawful traffic stop may violate those rights when there is no probable cause or suspicion of wrongdoing. At the Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, law firm of , our lawyers investigate traffic stops that result in drunk driving charges against our clients.

DUI Defense Lawyers Who Understand the Issues

Our attorneys have been defending clients against drunk driving charges for many years. First, we investigate the traffic stop when developing a strong defense strategy for a client charged with DUI. There is a growing body of law that limits the ability of law enforcement to make random traffic stops. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in this area and put that knowledge to good use on behalf of clients facing a DUI.

Issues in Unlawful Stops

We look at questions such as these to determine whether a traffic stop was legal:

  • Was the person parked or driving?
  • Was the person on private property?
  • Was the person actually driving the car when the stop was made?
  • Was there an alleged traffic violation?
  • Is there any suspicion of racial profiling?

How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help

We verify that the traffic stop was legal by cross examining the police officer, interviewing witnesses, and hiring experts to reconstruct the scene. For example, an expert may be able to determine whether the police officer was able to see the car or driver from his reported location.

Contact a DUI Defense Attorney about a Traffic Stop

If you believe that you were wrongly charged with DUI as a result of an unlawful traffic stop, contact an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer. Call , toll-free at 877.324.6443, or complete our intake form.

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