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Nevada is a dazzling, heart-pumping, vacation destination. It encourages people to loosen up their inhibitions, forget their everyday routines, and enjoy the ride! Unfortunately, it also makes it easy to get carried away, particularly when it comes to gambling.

Unpaid casino markers can land you in jail, and you should take any criminal charges very seriously. At , we have decades of experience fighting for your rights in court. Our Las Vegas casino markers attorneys can represent you, and the legal aid of an experienced attorney may help you avoid significant consequences. To learn more, and to get a free consultation, call us today at 877.324.6443 today.

About Casino Markers

Casino Markers are associated with a line of credit the casino has allowed a person to establish with them. The purpose of a marker is to allow someone to be able to play without having to carry extra cash. A casino marker is a zero interest loan that you are expected to pay back within 30 days.

In Nevada, casino markers are treated like personal checks. Like personal checks, if a marker is signed and used without funds to cover the amount, and if the marker is not otherwise paid, casinos can prosecute it like a bad check. Currently, an unpaid casino marker in Nevada in excess of $250 may be filed as a felony charge.

Before filing charges for unpaid casino markers, the casino and the state must follow several steps. The first thing a casino may do is go directly to your bank and try to get the money directly from your account. If you have sufficient cash in your account, that may be the end of it. If you do have have sufficient funds, the casino will then notify you about the debt.

You will be sent a notice informing you that you have ten days to pay back your debt. If you can't or don't pay within that time period, the casino may ask the district attorney to file charges.

If the state decides to file charges, you will receive another notice in the mail. The notice will state that you have an additional ten days to pay off the debt, plus the district attorney's filing fees. If you cannot or do not pay within these ten days, charges will be filed and you will face arrest.

Unpaid Casino Marker Penalties

The severity of penalties for an unpaid casino marker conviction depend on the amount of the marker. If the amount is less than $250, it is considered a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor convictions carry jail time of up to six months, and fines of up to $1,000.

If the marker is for more than $250, it is a Category D felony. This means it carries a mandatory sentence of jail time, from one to four years. There is the option of a fine for $5,000 in addition to mandatory administrative fees and complete repayment of the outstanding debt.

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If you find yourself holding an unpaid casino marker, it is important to obtain aggressive, skilled representation immediately. We can help you minimize the consequences, and may even help you avoid a conviction all together.

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